Sunday, October 3, 2010

Free Food, A Concept Exciting Beyond College

High Points: Free food, 16 more miles, pumpkins and LIBRARIES!

To Explain: 

     On Friday night Charles and I got home from work late, and really really tired. We've been living like misers for the past month, so we decided to go out to dinner. Mostly I decided and he went along with it because he's wonderful. So we went to Ruby Tuesday. 
     A side note: They no longer have Ruby Tuesday out East (at least in large quantity) the reason for this, or at least the rumor, is that they card EVERYONE. Even really old people who have probably served in wars and, apparently, get upset about not being able to drink if they forgot their ID. Whatever your opinion on carding the elderly, I think we can all agree that Ruby Tuesday has the best chocolate milkshakes in the world. I have great cause to know this because every Christmas for a good half of my childhood my Dad and I used to go Christmas shopping, usually in the last frantic moments before Christmas eve. We'd get up at 7 (some of us with out any warning at all) and shop for hours, until finally starving and exhausted we would go to the Ruby Tuesday that used to be at our Mall. There Dad would have a beer (after gleefully presenting his ID) and I would have a chocolate milkshake. We would analyse and examine every gift until we were certain we had chosen correctly then we would go home and I would fall asleep. Some of my fondest memories.
     Well, they still have Ruby Tuesdays out here, maybe people here care more about underage drinking. But on Friday we ordered dinner (I got a milkshake) and started eating the huge amount of food they bring you. Then, suddenly, I discovered that my fish was not cooked. I told the waitress, who got the manager, who apologized and apologized and apologized, and then gave us free food!  Win!

     In Sports this week, I ran 16 miles on the Trail of Tears, bringing my total to 76 miles. It would be more, but I was dying last week. It's getting cold too. This could get dicey. 

     I also went to a library. This is crazy to me, since its been five years since I've lived remotely near one. Guess what everyone! Books live in houses now!  Crazy. 

     Also, I baked more pumpkin bread. I am now responsible for the deaths of two pumpkins.

Basically, it's been a good weekend. I miss all of you, and the closer we all get to Thanksgiving, the more I realize that. 


  1. DON'T WORRY! There is still a Ruby Tuesday at the mall.
    I mean, that doesn't really do much for either of us. Me being 3 hours away, and you 16. But it's there.

  2. The thought, however empty, is soothing