Monday, September 27, 2010

Of Platypus and People

     I was thinking today about how Robert Burns poem "Of Mice and Men" is actually kind of sexist. I mean, why men? Couldn't a woman accidentally destroy a mouses home and feel badly about it? But then you lose the alliteration, so the poem would have to be changed to "Of Possums and People". Or, "Of Platypus and People", I am currently taking suggestions.

     Now, I am not about to blog an entire post about animals that start with the letter "P" (although I could, you all know I could). But I am going to post about people. Fall is finally upon us (at least here in MO, I don't know about back home) and that got me thinking about Halloween and Thanksgiving, and that, obviously since I am 1300 miles away from home, started me thinking about my childhood. Really I spend a lot of my time thinking about my childhood, but today I wasn't missing it. I was just being grateful that it was as wonderful as it was. Which brings me back to the point of this post, since my childhood was wonderful because of the people in it. It's not thanksgiving, but I would take a moment to thank just a few of the people that made my childhood so amazing.

Mom and Dad (Duh): For those of you who haven't met them (or heard me talk about them) my Mom and Dad are amazing. For instance, my Mom always talked to my brother and I with all of her attention, as if all the things we were saying were interesting and important. I feel like I had real grownup conversations when I was five. And my Dad always sat down with me in grade school, no matter how long his day was (and his days were long) and helped me with my math homework. And he never ever yelled at me or got frustrated, even if I yelled at him first, and I often did.

KT and Mdubz ( Also Duh): These are the two greatest friends anyone could ever hope to have. Ever. Mdubz is a brilliant, strong amazing person who is going to take over the world and bend it to her will. But she never ever forgets anyone, you can never fall through the cracks because she's so awesome that she can make every part of her life feel important. KT is going to save the world. Really. And not because she feels like she has to, but because she really cares enough to want to. And she never stops caring, even when things are hard, she never runs out of compassion for everyone else in the world.

My Brother (Double Duh): Because no matter how unhappy or mad I ever was he always, always made me laugh, even if no body else could.

There are definitely more people. My neighborhood (the grapevine of which extends even to MO) and my extended family (the grapevine of which is, literally, global). And of course all the people who are in my life now who make every day amazing. But this post has gone on long enough, I clearly win the saccharine award for the day.

But I had a good day! It's good to be back at world, and to not have lupus anymore.


  1. Ahhhh ... that was really sweet. It is almost as though you had a near-death experience! Thanks, Bess. We did have a load of fun back in the day, didn't we? Well, in between me cursing at the top of my lungs when I missed the exits on the D*#! expressway.

  2. You are going to make me cry. I am sitting here in the library tearing up.

    I am the one who was BEYOND lucky to spend my childhood (and now I fully intend the rest of our lives) with you. <3