Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Don't Worry. It's not Lupus

     I am sick. But, I have spent a lot of time today watching House reruns (or parts of them before I fell asleep) so I can safely say, it's not lupus. Because it's never lupus.

     But, I am not posting to talk about lupus and it's possible appearance in my life. It has been brought to my attention by KT that it's possible a post about the Trail of Tears is not actually a happy post. It seemed kinda happy to me...but KT has never yet been wrong, so I'm gonna trust her opinion. So I'm going to tell you all something happy that happened in my life! See! Happy!

      Now, because of the confidentiality report that I sign prohibits me from telling you all most everything about my working life. But if I omit names and specific information I can tell general stories, so I am going to do that. There is a little girl who I have been working with for the past month or so. Her grades are pretty low across the board, but she has worked so hard to get them up. Her trouble is that some pretty serious family issues have been keeping her from working at home. And as of today, finally, she is passing all of her classes except one, and that one is climbing fast. She practically ran me over yesterday to tell me she had not only past the test she had that morning, but she got an A.

     In short, I don't have lupus. And I am actually doing my job!


  1. Now see, that is a happy story. I have to read back! I missed a post! Oh joy. Feel better.

  2. You are such a good person. <3