Sunday, August 29, 2010

An Explanation

     For those of you now thinking that the title of this blog is strange, think again!  Although I do have KT, my genius life counselor and oft times partner-in-crime-and-cookies to truly thank for the title, the concept is perfect since I never made it to Oregon WITHOUT at least two dead oxen and one snake bite. Not that those were the only calamities that befell me, nor is Oregon my ultimate goal.  Technically I have not actually embarked on the Oregon trail at all, although I have only reached the state of its humble origins. (For all creepers out there, go ahead, figure out what state that is! You'll never find me! The trees themselves shall hide me! Mwahahahaha)

     Anywho.  For those of who who followed my old blog (20SomethingNostalgia) it should be clear that I have worked out many of those pesky "what to do with myself after college" and "life direction" issues. Sorry I whined about them so much. But I guess I did figure them out in a radical way, since in two weeks time I left my old job behind and moved 1,300 miles away from family and friends (for all those creepers out there, I never specified which direction did I? That's 1,300 miles in ANY DIRECTION) to take a job with AmeriCorps. For those of you familiar with government work, you'll all know just how radical THAT is. 

     I'm even pretty happy here (I conveniently delayed beginning this blog until I could say that with confidence). I have lived and worked here for a month now, I have cable, internet, a well set up house, a running trail and a library card. Pretty much all that I need.  Really I got the whole running trail and library card thing settled by day two....almost before we had the electricity turned on the house, which should tell you that my priorities are somewhat skewed. 

    My house is very nice, I'll get pictures put up as soon as I can pin down my computer literate boyfriend for long enough to help me figure it out (that's right devilishly hansom, naturally strong BOYFRIEND...creep me if you DARE).  Really it could use a little more work, we just haven't gotten paid yet.

     But we have put in quite a month of work. My job is incredibly confidential, so I can share personal feelings and impressions, but I can't share much. More to the point, I wouldn't want to, since by keeping things confidential I am protecting the kids I work with and that is the most important thing. These kids lead difficult lives, it's not easy to get them to trust me. Even a whole month wouldn't be long enough, and really we've only had two weeks. Most of what they are dealing with are issues like not enough food, absent parents, sometimes even abuse and abandonment.  Its hard to get them to care about school when they are up against all that. But they are good kids. 

     I'll try to keep you all posted as best I can. Also I'll try to keep the writing decent, so you don't all die of boredom. If you are a family member or a friend reading this, I miss you terribly and I am doing my best to give these kids what you all have given me all my life. If you are a creeper...GIVE UP! Haven't I made myself clear? 

Happy Sunday!