Tuesday, October 5, 2010

A Journey

Folks, I'm sure you didn't expect me to be going on any more journeys, the one from home to here being considerable enough, but YOU WERE WRONG!

Today we all traveled to our regional meeting. Which means everyone else got up early, but those of us working at the middle school got up at the usual time. We all met up in the local grocery store parking lot and condensed into cars and began to two hour pilgrimage to Jefferson City, the capital of MO. I know, right? I have now seen the capital of the state I am living in, which is honestly more I than I can say for my beloved home state of PA. Although I do personally believe that Philly is the capital in spirit, if not in actuality.

Along the way I reflected on the places I could be going if I were at home (not the best forward thinking tactic, I know). From Philly I could be going to Brigantine Island. Or to WaC. Or even to visit KT, although I would have to be driving very very fast. Or, to two hours west of Philly, whatever may happen to be there.

Upon our arrival I learned that the whole time we had in fact been travelling to Missouri University (here known as Mizzou. I'd poke fun at that, but people in glass houses cannot throw stones, my alma mater having, after all, earned the nickname WaC). We arrived at 9 am, when the first stirrings of general life appear on a college campus. I saw boys in jeans and button down shirts and heavy leather belts. I saw girls wearing leggings as pants. I saw disheveled science majors in sweats, and girls in shorts and North Face coats. In short, I could have been at WaC, except that there were more cars. And that I was on my way to a meeting, instead of class.

As for the meeting itself, I cannot lie. I have retained almost nothing of it, except that AmeriCorps began as the CCC during the depression. They employed men between the ages of 18-25 and had them live in camps and do environmental work. It sounded hauntingly like past jobs of mine. Everything else was interesting, but clearly not as important to me as the girls wearing leggings as pants. Its never a good idea people, and contrary to popular belief it does not make your butt look good.

Charles and I also got paid today, and went to a new restaurant, where we paid a moderate amount of money for a moderate amount of food that was of extremely high caliber. They had Tiramisu, and they didn't mess it up. Also they had a wonderful wheat beer. Thus my evening, and my day, was complete. Tomorrow, I get to do a road clean up, which means outdoor environmental work. Gee, I wonder if I qualify. Miss you all.

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  1. If you saw undergrads every day they would be less fascinating, instead you would be filled with thoughts like, "Look how happy that one is!" and "She thinks reading a book is work, I'll show her work! Grrrrr."
    But I'm sure yours are nice. Glad you learned some things...