Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Saving Daylight

Just letting you know folks. It's saved, ok? We've got it covered.

I know this because, upon waking up yesterday morning, it was dark. But within 10 minutes, light, glorious light, had appeared. It was like a fleeting and beautiful return to summer. Only downside? It is now dark when I get off work. And because I don't work outside right now, I don't get the slow shift towards evening. It's just dark when I leave.


But I have taken steps to combat it, for those of you who suffer from SADD and worry that I, a humble fellow sufferer, will succumb. I joined a gym (for a very reasonable price a month) and this has done wonders to improve my mood. Additionally, I have been given permission from my supervisor to keep the kids outside until the temperature hits 29 degrees Fahrenheit. I expect this to help, not only my mood, but also discipline, as going outside can now be used as a form of punishment....

Really, in a lot of ways I feel like I've gone back to High School. Here are a few examples. It's dark when I go to school and evening when I leave. I never feel like I am wearing the right clothes. Math tests have the complete and total power to ruin a week. And no one wants to adopt my recycling program. Oh, and I usually fall asleep by 10 on Friday nights. My college-self just died a little inside, as back in the day 10 seemed like a perfectly reasonable time to go out.

What made me happy in High School? I feel like it is vital to remember this, on the off chance that it will continue to make me happy now. I know for sure that some things still apply. For instance, talking to KT and Mdubz. Baking cookies (preferably with the blessing of KT and Mdubz). Talking with my family.  Reading. Walking.

By that list I sound like an incredibly well adjusted High schooler. Lets just gloss over the fact that I wanted to marry Legolas from The Lord of the Rings, believed no outfit was complete without thick stockings and hippie clogs, and listened to absolutely no music produced after the 1960s. I also had a strange love of the saying "Entropy Rules", which KT and I both felt needed to be written on all all math notebooks. Along with the time honored (and still valid) "Boys may come and go, but cheeseburgers are forever." Which we later amended to  "...but veggie burgers are forever." when we all went through our vegetarian phase.

That's a scary walk down memory road.

I miss you all, and if it's no to painful or humiliating, post your own memories of High School (assuming you haven't blocked them). I want to know what other people besides me remember.


  1. Nope, must have block HS. Remember never fitting in, so the - naturally - trying not to. Crazy socks with a uniform I had to re-hem mid thigh length every night only to have it ripped out again the next day because it was too short for the nuns. It was supposed to hit the floor whilst kneeling. Ahhh Catholic school. In the late 60's - early 70's! Can you imagine that?!
    I remember from your school days one of the funniest things you EVER said was PE: public embarrassment. Still makes me laugh like crazy.

  2. What could P.E. be besides Public Embarrassment? That's what I would like to know...

  3. I love you... but I NEVER went through a veg phase. CHEESEBURGERS FOREVER!

    Oh. And you always have permission to bake cookies. Also, you need to skype in to crunksgiving this year. I will bring my laptop. We will all wave.

  4. Overalls. For some reason I thought I could hide in them forever.
    Someone ALMOST adopted my recycling plan. I mean, I got the bins in the classrooms!
    Someone broke into my locker once, and all they stole was this piece of paper I had that Hannah had given me with the word "FUCK" written in many different fonts.
    Sometimes we made daisy chains when the man let us eat our lunch outside.

    happy happy days... :P